Communications consulting specialising in the unusual

I am a quirky and experienced writer. My knowledge is unusually broad due to a natural curiosity and a tendency to take on unusual challenges. The good news is that all this benefits my clients when it comes to crafting the communications solutions they need.

I started out in newspaper journalism and moved on through magazine editing, advertising and industry news before becoming a freelancer. Since then, I’ve travelled the world with my skills, jumping on board the SEO train in the early days. I love the freedom the digital world offers and get real pleasure from seeing all the disparate strands of my clients’ presence come together to form a solid driving force.

Today I specialise in marketing and strategy. I am a social media specialist with extensive SEO skills.

I hold a Bachelor of Communications and Arts with a major in Journalism and First Class Honours from Monash University, a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from Chisholm Institute and a Master of Creative Writing from RMIT. I also hold a number of other qualifications because I am an inveterate student.

I am one of those annoying people who cannot stand a misplaced apostrophe. I am not a fan of the Oxford comma.

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