What does LGBT rights have to do with James Bond?

Communications consulting specialising in the unusual

Fresh out of university and keen to boost my online profile, I nabbed myself a gig as a staff writer for a US site called LifeTips. They were looking for experts. I told them I was one.

At the time the only thing I was definitely expert level in was James Bond movies. I’d just spent a year studying them. I managed somehow to massage this into an expertise in martinis and cocktail-making.

I am actually expert at martini-making.

LifeTips took this application, agreed I was an expert and assigned me the LGBT section.

I don’t know the connection between martinis and the LGBTQI community, but I grabbed the job with both hands.

It turned out to be something that spoke to quite a few of my skills. The site works of a question-and-answer model, so I started with establishing the state of legislation affecting the community worldwide and, as it was a US-based site, in different states. I got to learn a lot about how US law worked, learned a lot about the history of discrimination for sexual orientation and found out the quite positive state of gay marriage legalisation (Australia really, really is in the Stone Age on this issue).

I learned one other thing, which is every social change can be used by the marketing industry. Around half of the content I was required to write was sponsored by jewellers finally realising the potential of gay couples wanting to commit to each other.