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August 30, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Can you believe it’s the end of August?

Of course you can. The calendar’s just there, at the bottom of your screen. But sympathise with me here a moment if you can.

I had real goals this year. My primary goal (apart from sorting out the waterfall that flows down my back door whenever it rains) was to explore the dark and murky depths as an erotica writer. You heard me. Smut. Apart from that, I wanted to tidy up this site and maybe land a few more interesting clients.

Then one of those completely random life things happened, and before I knew it the first six months of the year had been wiped out. Then came July, and now August has skittered by on its many frozen little legs.

The good news is that things have happened. Smut is happening (I won’t publish my pen name here but interested parties may apply to me for it). I have recently had a partial piece accepted by Cracked.com, and I have had a French client approach me for social media strategy.

Things are looking up. If you’ve got questions about content, social media or other things writing, get in touch!


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